A puzzle ring for fun. A puzzle ring for beauty. Each ring forms a puzzle. See the instructions at the link below to solve it.



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Diamond mountings are available for several shapes and sizes. Note that some hold the Diamond up high on prongs and some keep the Diamond low just above the ring. Side views show you the height.
Diamonds are available in many sizes and grades so I can choose a stone for you to match your budget. The weave of the ring is usually matched to the diamond size, but the weave can be narrow to accomodate a band fitting next to the Diamond ring. Let me know your preference.
The prices shown are for SI2 clarity and D E or F color. In this range there are no flaws that can be seen without magnification, and the color is whiter than white gold. You can have a higher grade if you like, but it probably would not look any different due to the higher expense.

The Marquis Diamond is my most popular. The shape goes well with the weave of the ring. It lets the details of the weave show and compliments the interlacing knotwork of the design. Having the Diamond on the ring does not change the puzzle assembly at all. It actually makes the assembly easier as the diamond is on the band that has the starting markings on it. So finding the starting place takes less time. The picture on the right gives a good indication of the height of the setting. The Diamond on the left is 1.6 carats and requires thicker gold to hold it then is usually needed. For Diamonds in the 1/2 carat range a medium weight ring is fine. Here the gold is thicker. The ring can be all one color of 14k or you can have several colors. All white gold is fine as well. The cost is dependant on the diamond weight.

Above are Diamonds in the 1/2 carat size. The 4 band with 1/2 carat Marquis Diamond is $2825. On the right it is shown with a 6 band ring and round 5 point side diamonds as well. On the right with the 6 band and 3 diamonds it is $3,350. Diamonds are available in all different sizes. Please let me know what your budget can handle and I will find a suitable Diamond for you.

The Princess Diamond is set low in the square illusion setting. To the right the hight is shown. The side stones can be colored or diamond. The square setting is white 14k , but the ring can be white or several colors. The Diamond is .40 carat and the cost is $2650 with the Sapphires on the side. This ring has a little thicker gold than the medium weight you can see balow.

This medium weight 4 band has a 1/2 carat Princess Diamond. It is all white 14k. The square illusion setting has facets that give the impression of the diamond being larger. The cost is $2825.

The Parapit setting holds the Princess Diamond securely with its bold triangular upright column. With .42 carat Diamond the cost is $2250. Many other sizes will fit, so let me know what size you would like and I can give you a price quote.

This is a 3 band chain ring with the Marquis setting. The chain is very easy to aseemble. See the assembly on the instructions page. It is at the bottom of the 4 band instructions where the videos are listed. In many traditions 3 represents the family unit. The Diamond is mounted on the middle band. Prices are about the same as the other Marquis Diamonds. There is a wide price range depending on the weight of the Diamond.

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